Wednesday, August 13, 2008

We're Back

OK, so we are back from our annual Sanibel Island vacation. We are a little sad about that but we had so much fun! New shell products will be coming soon. Thanks for looking :)

Here is the sand castle Mom and Parker built. I think they did a great job. Oh and I added the shells, of course.

This frog was going to jump on me but I said, 'No frog, I will take your picture and you will not jump on me.' And that's what we did.

Kevin and Tiny talk about the...ocean?

Brittany and Travis' friend Josh was nice enough to show us around the Sanibel Fire Station. It was so cool!

We went Kayaking, only once.

Kevin, Parker and I experimenting with the camera timer :) You can't tell here, but I am wearing a shell clip in my hair!

Tiny on the Boardwalk.

Just one of the storms we got to see every day.

Kevin cought a Redfish, a Tarpon and some other fish I can't remember.

Parker having some fun on the noodles.

Lillian is ready to swim.

The giant cinnamon rolls from the Over Easy Cafe are so delicious. They take me a couple of days to finish one off.

That's all for now!!

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