Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Heath Bar Cupcakes

I forgot! I had a request by fellow blogger Kaybe to post the recipe for the heath bar cupcakes I made for husband's Birthday. So here you go Karen :)

Well it is super easy. Last year I made a full layered cake so really you can make this however you want. Here is how you do it:

You need:

1 box of German Chocolate Cake Mix
1 can of Sweetened Condensed Milk
Cool Whip
Heath Bars

Bake the cake according to the instructions on the box. When it has cooled a bit, poke holes throughout the cake. I used a straw.
Spoon the condensed milk over the cake and then the caramel.
Cool completely.

Add the cool whip. Crumble the heath bars and place on top. So easy and so good!

Thanksgiving Recap

OK I am behind. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I hope you all did as well. This month of December will be crazy, I can tell already! I have much updating to do but for now, here are some photos of our Thanksgiving in Husband's hometown of Umatilla, FL.

The kitchen was busy but here is Husband in the middle of it all - putting some detail into our homemade apple pie.

Grandmom snacked on something delicious :)

We had a turkey AND a ham!

Husband had to take a picture of his plate. He is proud.

We are getting a cold front in Tampa - I can't wait!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Birthday & Disney

Last weekend we celebrated Husband's 29th Birthday AND his new job! We did this by heading over to Disney to be with family and enjoy the beautiful weather.

I made some heath bar cupcakes for Husband to commemorate the day - his favorite.
And I saw these awesome sparkler candles at publix. Perfect for the guy who loves fireworks.

Of course they had to be lit outside and then we had a little trouble with the 9. But over all they were very fun.

We hit up the Magic Kingdom for a bit and then headed to Epcot on Saturday.

Here is how we told my family about Husband's new job. Hilarious.

Brittany enjoys ice cream - and who doesn't?!

This was so funny. Disney is brilliant. They had a little robot trash can walking around in Tomorrow land. I think he was mumbling something about Stitch. I loved it and so did this little girl.

She's trying to figure it out ;)

Mom and B on the People Mover.

Me and T on the People Mover.

Disney is all decorated for Christmas.

Mom looking like a lush - and Dad.

My sisters and I are always on the hunt for hidden Mickey's throughout the parks. We saw this on Test Track but we are not positive it counts because there were a few of them.

Have a great big beautiful tomorrow....

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Redfish Dinner on the Docks

Monday night husband and I had Dinner on the Docks. Husband and Travis cought some fish this weekend and one of them was a nice sized redfish. So husband cleaned it up and grilled it up for some delicious fish tacos.

The pictures didn't come out too great because we didn't get our butts outside til almost dark and I am not that great of a photographer ;) But here they are anyway.

Dinner in a basket.

We got 2 nice filets out of that fish.
Husband seasoned them up just right.

The finished product. We mix up some sour cream with some chili pepper in adobo and a little lime juice and top our fish with that. Then we add toasted corn and just plain cole slaw. Delicious!

We had beautiful weather as the sun went down. I am so greatful to be able to eat dinner in such a great setting.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Food. Family. Fairs.

It's Monday. Just in case you didn't know ;) I hope everyone had a great weekend. I did. My little sister and her boyfriend were up for a visit. We did lots of thrifting and eating.

Here is some stuff I've been up to.
Remember I had a bunch of leftover fresh pumpkin? Well husband and I made pumpkin fritters which were delicious with powdered sugar.

and with pumpkin waffles. I have to be gaining weight.

Yesterday we went on a picnic in the park at the University of Tampa. We had beautiful weather and great food. Brittany made us some delicious Cuban sandwiches which we enjoyed by the water.

Our view of downtown Tampa from across the Hillsborough river.

Cuban sandwiches - sooooooo good.


It looks so busy but it's actually quite peaceful on a Sunday afternoon.

So the other thing we did this weekend was...a craft fair! My boss Kelly and I heard that a church around the corner from us was hosting a craft fair. So we jumped on it. Neither of us had ever done one before but we are both obsessed with shells.....so we got all of our goodies together and set up our table.

Unfortunately, this church did not advertise and we had no shoppers :( So we sold nothing. But it was fun I have to say. I really enjoyed drinking coffee and chatting with Kelly and her friends Karen and Linda. Next time we will invest more time in our event choosing ;)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

More North Carolina

This should do it for our North Carolina trip.
We are so thankful to have this great cabin in the mountains to go to. It is absolutely beautiful and it allows us to spend time with our neice and nephew who live up that way. I can't wait to go back.

Here husband is playing some checkers on a chess board with Parker.

Tiny and I went on a hike down our mountain and she enjoyed picking up all of the prettiest rocks for her Aunt Cheryl to carry back up ;)

We did lots of baking while we were there. Lillian is always up to help bake.

Aunt B and Tiny hang out by one of the many fires we had.

Mom and Husband on the porch.

B and Nicole lookin pretty by the fire.

The leaves up there were looking gorgeous.

We saw some pretty pumpkins.

We hiked up the back of our mountain.

Teresa found some giant leaves :)

We did lots of hikes. This one was a 3 mile hike on the Caldwell Fork Trail.

Then we did another - Brittany, Husband and I on Sterling Mountain. It was about 5 miles and uphill the whole way. At the end you reach a fire tower which you can climb for a magnificent view.

Right before we started we came across this guy...

Then we saw a whole group of Elk cross the road in front of us. Very cool. Also they make a sound like a dinosaur...very neat.

Husband and I at the beginning of the hike.

Husband and Brittany.

A log.

Brittany on the way back. This hike was strenuous. It even said so in our book.

Here is the Fire Tower at the end. Brittany and Husband were brave enough to climb it and get these great pictures. Me...I made it to the 2nd story and had to go back down. Pretty good for someone who has a hard time even driving over tall bridges.

The view from the top.

That's all for North Carolina. What a beautiful place though. It's like another world up there.

We are having some great weather in Tampa this weekend. I think I will go enjoy it. Happy weekend everyone.