Sunday, June 24, 2012


Spelled with a y...?
Anyway, Tropical Storm Debby is here in Tampa for a bit. But I hope she doesn't stick around for long. I have to drive to Fort Lauderdale on Wednesday for my little sisters bridal shower and I would hate to have rain the whole way. 
Also I need to get to the beach and see what kinds of shells this storm has brought in!

This is behind our apartment.
I hope it doesn't get much higher...there are seawalls behind homes that have already been breached!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Anna Maria

 Yesterday I went to Anna Maria Island for a couple hours of relaxation.

 The water was beautiful, as usual.


There were lots of live olive shells and sand dollars.

 This young lady practiced catching bait all afternoon and then fed her catches to the birds.

 On my drive back over the causeway I spotted this pink spoonbill among the rest of the birds and I had to stop and take a picture because I rarely see them over on my side.

 Every body was out enjoying the sunset last night.

I finally made it home and went out back to finish watching the sunset with Husband.

Pelicans are so cool.

I hope you all got to the water this weekend....

Friday, June 15, 2012

My New Favorite Hobby

This is not a good quality photo but this is what I've been doing whenever I am not gluing shells to things lol.
I love it. It's so peaceful. I can go by myself and I can even get some exercise out of it if I really want to ;)

I hope to get a waterproof case for my phone soon so I can take pictures while I'm on the water. You just never know what you will come across out there - I've seen sharks, rays and horseshoe crabs galore! The time this photo was taken, Husband and I were able to untangle a pelican who was hooked with a fishing line and caught in the mangroves. I was so glad we found him and were able to help him out...I wanted to keep him but Husband said no. I guess he wouldn't get along with the cats or something...?

Have a great weekend and get out there on the water if you can!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Fighting Conch Wreath

The wreath is complete! It's made from Florida fighting conchs I found on Caladesi Island. I love it.

Busy Busy

I guess these posts are starting to look pretty similar lol. But this is really what I've been up to! Besides planning my little sister's bridal shower, I've been making lots of things with my seashells.

Last week I started this wreath. I hope to get it on my etsy shop asap!

I also made a trip across the street the other day to gather more oyster shells.

 They look much better on a frame or mirror!


And I completed this frame. It's made with fragments of Florida Fighting Conchs - one of my favorites.


Overall I've had a productive week, but I always feel like there is more to do...
Right now my dryer is broken so that must be my next task! Have a great Monday everyone.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I've been creating away with all the shells I have been collecting in Fort Lauderdale.
If you like anything you see, visit me on Etsy :)

I found all this coral in Lighthouse Pointe - I love coral!