Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Just some random photos from the weekend.

We stopped along the way to the Yonfa wedding because I had to get a photo of this peacock on the side of the road in Orlando.
They are everywhere there.

We tried to make him put his feathers up but he was on to us.

Felix in my bag. Guess I can't return this dress now...


  1. love the black and white photo of the kitty. BTW everyone loves your lights I got so many compliments for your amazing talent! I hope you have a great wednesday :)

  2. Mr. Fe says, "I'll show you. You leave me alone entirely too much, so take this." He takes such a nice picture.

  3. Oh Felix The Kitty is so cute...and it looks like that he wasn't thrilled to get caught hiding inside that bag. He has a very expressive pair of eyes.