Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend Recap

This is what we were up to this Father's Day Weekend:

Saturday night we saw the Marlins and the Yankees was a blast!

And Sunday we cooked out and went swimming...which was definitely necessary here in South FL.

And Teresa's cat watched over all of the groceries.

Husband cooked for us and then drove all the way back to Tampa. This weekend I will finally join him for good!

I hope all the father's out there had a wonderful father's day!


  1. I went to my first Major League baseball game last summer and loved it! (Tampa) Where do the Marlins play? I'm up in Jacksonville and we have a minor league team which is also fun, but I loved the indoor place in Tampa!

  2. It was great,the Marlins play in Miami. I am moving to Tampa this weekend actually, we love it there. Acually we love FL!

  3. So did you finally make the move to good ol Tampa?

    I didnt get a chance to go to Old Navy and get the good deals..I was out of town:( but I do love their tanks...maybe next time.