Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Michigan Recap

It has been a while, I know.
So long that it is already Fall for most of the country. Definitely in Michigan. It was 45 degrees when I left on Saturday. It was so pretty and I was able to see my grandparents and Aunt and Uncle.

This is my grandparents house back before they bought it - probably around 1903.

This is my great-grandmothers baking cabinet.
In that cupboard on the left is where you stored the flour and on the right there is a container for sugar.

So whenever I go to Michigan, I go crazy and bake a lot of pies. It just feels right there lol.
We went to the orchard and got a half bushel of apples. I had no idea a half bushel was a huge amount.

Mom did all the hard work.

I rolled the dough - which is way easier to do there than in FL for some reason.

These apples were perfect for pie.

So good. We also made a blueberry pie with fresh blueberries and a peach cobbler with peaches from a tree on my Uncle's property. We ate those too quickly to take pictures.

Me and my grandfather, who just turned 91.

I always rummage through all the goodies on the 3rd floor to see what I can see.

This year, my sister is having a 40's themed Halloween Party and I think I found the perfect attire.

Hats AND dresses!
They are tiny but I think I just might manage to fit into a couple:)


  1. i love michigan, it is such a beautiful place. love the sweet picture of your gpa and I can't wait to see your halloween pics, the 40s sound divine!

  2. You'll NEVER fit into those tiny dresses if you keep eating all that pie