Thursday, November 19, 2009


It was dinner time....again.

I was looking for something to make with apples, cause I had a ton of them that we hadn't eaten yet. And I found Apple Cranberry Stuffing on Paula Deen's site.
I thought this was perfect because I also had a lot of bread around. That may sound weird but there is a reason.
Husband and I kept buying hot dog buns for brawts every time we had a football game and we ended up with a ton of hot dog buns that were just wasting away.

So, this recipe called for a few things that I didn't have but I think it worked anyway.

To pair with the stuffing - Paula Deen's Sausage Stuffed Pork Chops with Grits. Husband loves grits. That woman really knows what's good. Not healthy, but GOOOOOOOD!

So, you cut up your apples, celery and onion. You saute the celery and onion until soft and then add the apples and cook for about 5 min, until soft.

Meanwhile you need to soak 1 cup of cranberries in 2 cups of chicken broth for 30 min.

Then you need to add 8 cups of toasted bread cubes to all of that good stuff you just cooked. And some cinnamon.
Oh, and then you mix in 3 beaten eggs with salt and pepper. You are also supposed to do something with cream of celery soup, but I didn't have that.

You pour it in a greased pan and bake it at 350 for 40 min. It came out great.

For the pork chops, you just stuff them with as much sausage as you can and season them how you like. Make some grits on the stove, with milk. Top the chops with the grits and of course - a dollop of butter!
Then, no matter how bad your husband's day was - it is miraculously all better. In the word's of Paula - Best Dishes Ya'll!!


  1. You can send any leftovers to my house. Of course, knowing the way Son can eat there weren't many..... :)

  2. i will take some leftovers too. yummy!

  3. Ha ha that's good you guys cause I STILL have stuffing that we didn't get to!