Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Birthday's, Disney & Baseball

Happy Birthday Dad and Mom E!!!!

I am a little late in posting this because of all the activities we have been involved in. Saturday was my Mother-in-law's Birthday and yesterday was my Dad's (I won't tell you how old they are but man, they are old...) OK I couldn't help myself with that one but they know we love them and do NOT think they are old!!

So my poor mom in law has bronchitis and she couldn't be with us over the weekend for Disney. It's probably a good thing though because it is now waaaaay to hot to be there.

Here are Brittany and Mom on Main Street. OK Disney fans - where exactly on Main Street??!

If I had to be a duck, I would be a Disney duck.

We ate at France in Epcot - delicious.

Yesterday my Parents came over for some cake and a Ray's Game.
Check out these candles from Mom E - the flames are different colors!

Dad making his wish...

At the Ray's game (we won by the way)

I have never seen a baseball game indoors. Kinda weird but kinda cool too.

Off to work on some shell projects. Happy Hump Day Ya'll!

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