Monday, June 28, 2010

Dinner on the Docks, Chores, Shells

Since I haven't posted since last week, I am including a few posts in one. Nothing wrong with that is there? ;)

We haven't had Dinner on the Docks in a while so Husband and I did that last week on Thursday.
This may not look so appetizing but it really was. It is hard to screw up pizza.

I love my thermos!

Friday, I cleaned the refrigerator which desperately needed it. Even though I seriously JUST did this about a month ago.

As you can see - there is some sort of liquid that made its way between the glass and the drawers...delicious!

Felix was a great help.

We have more condiments than food to use them on...

Much better, eh?

I also finished up a wreath last week. Here it is on the inside of my front door.

And here it is on the outside.

If you need this shell wreath, check out my etsy shop.
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. i need it!!! off to check out your shop. :)

  2. Very entertaining time you have had!! I hate cleaning my fridge too.. Love the new wreath!

  3. I actually did manage to screw up pizza once, haha! What a beautiful wreath!

  4. your blog is fantastic!!!!!

    Laura from Italy

  5. I think I'm most impressed with Harpoon's beer. How was it?