Friday, August 13, 2010

Sanibel 2010 Part I

FINALLY I am able to post some of my Sanibel photos! I have had major internet problems this week and therefore was not able to post anything until now...

Our trip was amazing. We spent a whole week together doing NOTHING. Well, we did things, but only when we wanted to. There were no phone calls or bills to pay. Now it's back to reality but thankfully I can look back and remember through pictures.

Here is the beginning of the trip:

Husband gets the burgers ready.

We all hung out while the boys grilled.

And the kids swam.

They didn't get out until dinner was served :)

Husband doing his two favorite things.

Teresa, Travis, Dad and Brittany in the back.


Brittany had fun using my camera ;)

And I had fun taking pics of her in her new hat.

Mom and Brittany having a laugh.

The view from our place.

Lots more in a bit!

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