Tuesday, November 2, 2010

October in North Carolina

Wow where have I been?

Well, first I was in North Carolina visiting my cute niece and nephew and then it took me another whole week to go through all 800 pictures I took while I was there!
So here is my first post on our trip. I will have to do at least one other ;)

Parker and Lillian decorate the windows of the cabin for Halloween. Thanks Mother-in-law for the decals!

Tiny and I gathered acorns.

The kids had lots of activities to do...including painting their own bird house. (The paint was not washable, thus the garbage bags)

Husband helped Parker with the BB gun.

We carved pumpkins.

I love Lillian's pumpkin face.

Husband's pumpkin won the prize for scariest.

We built lots of fires.

We watched the sunset...

And the moon rise.


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  1. North Carolina is such a beautiful place. Thanks for taking me back for a few minutes. Lovely pictures