Friday, January 28, 2011

Skyway Adventure

So husband and I decided that since we both had no plans or special ideas for the weekend that we needed an adventure.

We both wanted to kayak but it turned out to be way to cold and windy for us to do that so...we decided to drive up to the Skyway bridge and maybe do some fishing and some cooking (I always have to eat).

We drove to the pier but they wanted like a million dollars for us to fish from it and we just weren't sure that the fishing would be good anyway. PLUS it was miserably cold and windy.

So we found a spot we could hang out near the bridge.

And husband cooked us up some bratwurst.

And I stayed in the car because I would freeze to death if I got out. (See my deadliest catch sweater?)

It was a fun adventure but next time I want it to be super hot outside so we can catch fish and hang out in the water. Basically all we did was eat food in the car and then drive home...ha ha oh well.


  1. I can only imagine how cool that wind was coming off the water. That's usually a pretty breezy place.

  2. Love the pics!! but I am partial to the deadliest catch shirt!!! Love That show!! love my cornelia marie/timebandit/northwestern fishermen.. :)

    PS the food looked good too!

  3. It was a bit chilly yesterday...especially near the water. Glad you still had fun! The fees for fishing off the bridge are quite high!!!

    A couple of weeks ago, we crossed the Skyway and explored in Bradenton. It was fun...
    Jane (artfully graced)