Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Florida Fair

The Florida State Fair is here folks! It will be here this week through next weekend and I do recommend getting yourself over there if you are anywhere near Tampa.

Husband and I decided to take his mother and grandmother to the fair on Saturday. There was so much to see, I think we could have spent a few days looking at everything they had to offer.

We saw a lot of animals but I think this giraffe was our favorite. Lots of kids were feeding him carrots and he just kept eating them one right after another.

We saw a lot of goats as well. Apparently there are many types of goats.

These little babies were snuggling together.

We saw a panther and a bear but I was unable to get a pic of the bear ;)

We went to Cracker Country which is a town of buildings that represent Old Florida. I believe some of the buildings are original but I need to check my facts.

The family in one of the stores.

We ate as much fried food as we could handle. This here is a fried ring ding. Pretty good!

This guy was having fun being taller than the rest of us.

And I insisted on attempting to win a fish.

Which I did!

We placed him right under our big fish - out of the way of Felix.

Unfortunately, Fish was found unresponsive this morning :( I guess I knew he probably wouldn't live long but....I was hoping a bit longer than 2 days. I think next time I need some drops to clean the water.
Hope you all are enjoying your week. Get to the fair if you can!


  1. Yay! The fair is here! I am thinking we might have to go this year and do what you did...eat as much fried food as we can :) Now I just have to talk my husband into going...this shall be interesting...

  2. Fish and Felix pic is adorable Cheryl lol, but you will kill your fish if you don't put drops in the water. Better luck next time ;)

  3. Looks like a fun day... We haven't been to the Fair in ages. Would you believe that when I was a little girl, this fair was held in downtown Tampa...across the Brorein bridge, backing up to UT? My dad's clothing store was in downtown, so we would meet and walk to the fair. It was so much fun, but much smaller scale than today.

  4. love this post. how fun. I especially love the pic of your kitty looking up at the fish. proceless. too bad the fish made a quick exit, :( I like the way you described it "found unresponsive" :)

  5. So much to see! Wish I was there. Glad you had a good time.

  6. My wife wants to get over to the fair, but I can't stand paying the entrance fee. It's the same with the Strawberry Festival.

  7. I've just discovered your blog through The Essential Beach Comber. Always fabulous to find another shell obsessed person!! What a great day you had at the fair. Has an old fashioned vibe that I love. Look forward to following you. Pruxxx