Monday, March 7, 2011

Caladesi with the Yonfa's

Hey there! What a fabulous weekend we had. I hope yours was the same.
Our friends came to visit us all the way from Orlando!

Carolyn thought it would be nice to kayak and guess what...we totally agreed.
We took them to one of our favorite spots.

The weather was a little iffy when we headed out in the morning. Windy and cloudy is not good kayaking weather.
But it cleared up about 30 min after we got out there and it turned into a gorgeous day.

There is a little lagoon-like area that was full of shells for us to pick up.

Ugh, the water was so beautiful but still too cold for us Floridians to splash around in.

I found a crab who got bleached out by the sun.

Lots of fighting conchs were there as usual. They are all so beautiful to me.

The boys.
Lots of birds were hanging out.

And their foot prints were in the sand.

Husband and I on our way back in.

What a nice day we had. I want to be there as much as possible!

Before our friends hit the road, we walked and fished behind our apartment.

Thanks for visiting us Yonfas. We had a blast....come back soon!!!


  1. I think the shoreline of Honeymoon is some of the best kayaking there is. Plus it takes me an hour to walk to the north end so I think a kayak would be way faster.

  2. Anybody that's out in the water swimming right now is NOT from Florida. Easy way to tell a Northerner from a Floridian:)

  3. It really is Kaybe...we spent most of the day over at Caladesi but I was really pleased with the variety of shells we found there. Also there are about 3 other people on the whole island since you have to have some sort of water craft to get there. I love it!

  4. Haha it's so true - every time we see someone in the water we think, Oh they gotta be Canadians!

  5. Wife - thank you so much for having us over. We had a great time (and to prove it....a week and a half later... I am still dealing with the aftermath of my sunburn.) I think you should invite us over again really soon :)