Monday, May 23, 2011

Key West Recap

Oh my goodness, why do the Keys have to be so far from Tampa?
I absolutely love it there. The water is so beautiful. I automatically feel relaxed when I get to Card Sound Road. The only problem is - we never seem to have enough time there!

I would have more photos to show you all, but my good camera is broken. It is very upsetting but I will get it resolved soon. I hope you enjoy anyway :)

We stopped at Ann's Beach on the way to get some water time in.

We didn't walk out very far before we saw a baby black tip shark!

We also saw a horseshoe crab.

Food is very important to me. And when I am in Key West, my diet mostly consists of conch fritters and oysters.
I forget what this place is called :(

But the Fritters were fresh and delicious!

Another favorite of Key West - the roosters.
I wish we could have roosters in our neighborhood.

We saw this guy on our way to lunch at Sunset Key.

Dad, Grandma and Aunt Carole enjoyed the boat ride over.

Me and T.
Brittany and Travis. So cute.

Teresa and Mom.

Such a beautiful place to eat. The food is great too!

Goodbye Sunset Key...

I can't wait to go back. It has been too long...

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