Monday, June 6, 2011

Back to Caladesi

We love Caladesi. Can you tell? You can only get there by boat or kayak so there usually aren't too many folks over there. The water was crystal clear this weekend.

We went with our buddies Matt and Sarah. They have been dating a year now. Congrats love birds!

We always encounter some wild life. We saw many birds, some horseshoe crabs, a little sting ray and 2 dolphins! We got real close to them in our kayak. I loved it!

As I was heading into the water to cool off, I saw this guy fluttering by in the water.
He is a baby ghost crab I believe. Doesn't he look just like a spider? I would never touch a spider but somehow if it comes from the ocean it's no big deal lol.

Matt and Sarah are enjoying their new, very cool kayak.

I found a few shells, not as many as usual but that's ok ;)

We had a great trip and none of us really got sunburned at all. I think we are all proud of that!

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