Saturday, June 11, 2011


Last week, Husband surprised be with a Dyson Animal vacuum cleaner!
We have been discussing a new vacuum cleaner for quite some time now, and this is what I requested, but I did not know we were able to get one yet.
Husband found a deal and here we are.

Now some women may think a vacuum cleaner is not a good gift but to me it is the perfect gift! I am allergic to dust and I know this vacuum will help me feel better every day.
Plus, it's purple, my favorite color! Thank you husband - I love you.


  1. C~
    how sweet your hubs..
    thoughtful and thrifty ..
    lucky lucky you..
    for the wonderful hubby..
    who surprised you ..
    with the purple Vac of your dreams!!
    you are welcome to vacuum my house anytime..
    warmest hugs!!!

  2. After three years of wanting a vacuum it's the least he could do. ;) You're a great Mrs.