Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Last weekend I went home to Coral Springs. I had many goals for the 6 days I was home. First, I have been invited to sell some of my products at JB's on the Beach in Deerfield Beach.
I am so excited! I have spent the last few weeks creating new frames, nightlights and wine stoppers for my debut at JB's.

Here are some of the products I made for the restaurant. If you see anything you like, post a comment and I will re-create it for you :)

My family and I have been patrons of JB's on the Beach for years and I am so grateful for the opportunity they are giving me. The food is to die for and so is the atmosphere - if you are ever in the area check it out some time!

We are also right in the thick of it with wedding preparations. Here are 3 of my favorite women going over the guest list. They happen to be laughing here but I will tell you it is quite a stressful thing!


Other wedding goals include updating mom and dad's home with a bit of paint, new floors and landscaping. With 4 girls to raise, it's hard to keep up with these things throughout the years!
Mom has been painting I helped her with one last finishing touch in their bathroom.

Check out the before and after. I think these cabinets are grateful for the change and I know we are ;)



Things are really coming along...I hope you all are having a happy and productive Wednesday!

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