Monday, June 18, 2012

Anna Maria

 Yesterday I went to Anna Maria Island for a couple hours of relaxation.

 The water was beautiful, as usual.


There were lots of live olive shells and sand dollars.

 This young lady practiced catching bait all afternoon and then fed her catches to the birds.

 On my drive back over the causeway I spotted this pink spoonbill among the rest of the birds and I had to stop and take a picture because I rarely see them over on my side.

 Every body was out enjoying the sunset last night.

I finally made it home and went out back to finish watching the sunset with Husband.

Pelicans are so cool.

I hope you all got to the water this weekend....


  1. So pretty and peaceful. Be careful if you go alone due to Husband's studying. Don't want anything bad happening to you when you're out solo.

  2. Don't worry I am so careful! I have only been out alone once so far but it was great!