Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gettin' Things Done

Last night, I got all of my CHRISTMAS wrapping supplies together and got into it. This may give the impresion that I am "organized" or "on top of things" but that would be false. I just had to start because I will be out of town practically every day until Christmas! So, this is how I roll while wrapping gifts:

First I get all my supplies together such as wine, boxes, scissors and tape...this year I have my grandmother's awesome vintage wallpaper that I stole from her house in Michigan. She has a lot more so I expect to steal a lot more next time I am there ;)

And then I make sure I have all my ribbons for special touches
Finally, I must have a Christmas movie going, such as Christmas Vacation, a classic.

Here are some gifts looking quite pretty all wrapped up.

Here's that Vintage paper for ya. Isn't it nice?!

Hmmm...I wonder who all of these beautiful gifts could be for?


  1. ur stuff is so incredily good. LUV! the wrapping

  2. better be none for me