Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patty's Day and Happy Birthday to Me!

I hope everyone has a "lucky" day today.

Look how lucky I am....this is what my friend Bride got me for my Birthday.

So cool! She knows me well :)


  1. oooh I like that! happy birthday!

  2. That is what I thought about the cake. Its going to be yuck but oh well. The crazy stuff people do for "traditions". BTW is that a cheese tray and a knife with an "E" on it? Soooo cute! I feel like I can never find anything with an "E" on it. Who's last name starts with an "E" anyways...lame..oh wait mine now..and yours..haha. I am still getting used to my last name a year later. I am still trying to find the perfect picture for your frame that I just love, maybe I will put a picture from our anniversary in it, we are going to go to the beach. PERFECT:) You will have to post pictures on how the mirror turns out, very cute.

    I did ask my boss about what we talked about before and he said that he hasnt heard of anything but ill remind him again to keep his ears open. :)

    Hope all is well.