Tuesday, April 7, 2009


of The Conchords. I'm seeing them in concert tonight!!! I can hardly contain myself.

Many of you may be saying, who the hell is she talking about?

They have a show on HBO called...Flight of The Conchords. It is hilarious. Funniest show I have come across in a while, since The Office, which has been letting me down a bit lately.

Anyway, two funny boys(with New Zealand accents) and a few other funny characters. Plus songs. You just can't beat it.


  1. thanks for the tip. will check them out. but I am confused , are they a band or comedians or both?

  2. Both - they are a comedic band!
    They have a show, which includes them breaking out into song, but it's definitely not for everybody. I am just one of those people who finds strange things funny...actually I find almost anything to be funny lol.

  3. !!!!
    My question is not "who the hell", but "How the hell?!?!" I am so jealous! Have a great time!!!!