Friday, April 3, 2009

Heaven on Earth

Look at this cake my mom made for Husband.
She made it to celebrate his swearing in.

I want to live inside this cake. I can make a little house right in the middle and just eat some of the walls whenever I want. I think it could work. I just have to get one of those make you smaller cookies that Alice ate...

I cannot wait to eat some more of this!


  1. Oh my! What type of cake is that? Reminds me of a white chocolate dipped oreo. yummmmmmm.

    ps. love your blog! found you via sealaura! ;>

  2. could I move into the "cake" house with you? stumbled on your blog and love it, added it to my roll, hope you don't mind!

  3. Thats a beaut alright! Like the picture on your header too! refreshing!

  4. I saw your blog listed at Linda's blog, which I found from Connie's Blog. I thought maybe you would like to see the shells I make at my blog!

    And that cake is beautiful.

    Hilo, Hawaii