Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Return of Creepy Dinosaur Lizard

This is ridiculous and disgusting.

This lizard has DEVIL eyes! This nasty dinosaur lizard has made a home or something outside of MY work window.

Last week he stayed on the tree outside my window for about 4 hours...doing gross things like moving up and down and staring at me.

Then he went away and now he is back. I hate it. I can do small lizards but not big ones. He may not look giant in the photo but he is freaking me.


  1. sorry he is being annoying but I do love this shot and I actually think he is quite the looker.
    :) happy wed

  2. Ha ha thank you Laura. He is interesting and we are definitely seeing a lot of his kind around here lately.

    But up, I think he is after me!