Monday, March 30, 2009

Fun with Food and Shells

Last night Husband and I cooked some delicious dinner.

And then I worked on some shell orders! Sealaura, these are the beginnings of your lights:)

Husband took a neat picture of them:

This is me, hard at work

Kevin cooked some chicken cutlets on the grill along with some mushroom caps which he first tossed in olive oil and fresh chopped garlic.

Delicious. You know, taking pictures of your food adds a lot more work to the whole cooking thing.

We had a very mushroomy meal. I cooked up some mushrooms and onions and put them on french bread, which I first spread a thin layer of pesto on.
They came out pretty well.

What? Lettuce can be pretty.


  1. Looks good! Love the lights!

  2. YAY!! They look amazing ! thanks for the shout out. and your meal looks delish:)

  3. love your shell lights..the photography of them is very gorgeous too!