Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Get Into the Season: Cooking

My little sister was here for a couple days last week. She loves to cook - like me!

I had purchased a butternut squash and I wanted to make something new and seasonal with her.

So we made, Giada's Butternut Squash Lasagna.

Oh man - it was AWESOME!

First, we cooked the noodles.

Then you cut, gut and cube the squash. You then simmer it in Olive Oil for 20 min, with salt and pepper. Stirring often.

Then you blend it in your food processor.

It gets complicated now so I will shorten this a bit.
You have to make a white sauce with flower and milk. You then sprinkle in some nutmeg.

You blend half of that sauce in your food processor with a ton of fresh basil and then return it to the rest of the sauce.

Next you start your layers.

You need lots of mozzarella for this and some parmesan for the very top.

Then bake.
You can get this recipe too from the food network site. I HIGHLY recommend it :)


  1. that sounds amazing but too many steps with this buding chef. plus now that I live in an apt my kitchen is tiny and I "lost" all my bakeware! I think they went out with all the yard sale items, oops!

  2. it's a brand new recipe to me, but it LOOKS good. *smile* glad you and your sister got to have QT together.