Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Air Show & Renaissance Festival

Hello there.

What a busy few days we've had...I almost have everything put back in order after the carpet installation. But we had to take some time off to play :)

This first photo doesn't have anything to do with my title but I wanted to show you what my niece and nephew did for me for my Birthday.
They made me these beautiful and special pictures which are now hanging in my bedroom.

(That's Felix's butt in the way there)

So on Saturday, Our friend Matt had a great idea.

He said, lets go watch the air show from our kayaks - so we did!

We launched from Picnic Island.

The water was so beautiful and calm for us...until the end of the show.
Then the wind started picking up for our next front I guess.

We were able to see so much in the clear water - including sand dollars, sting rays and lots of these little conchs.
We also saw these two horseshoe crabs twice.

Oh yeah, and cool planes!

This was our viewing area.

The Blue Angels.

Then on Sunday we went to the Renaissance Festival - in the rain.
And we saw some interesting, but fun people.

They had plenty of libations for sale.

This group - The Bawdy Boys - played. They were quite talented.

And Husband met the village idiot...or was it the other way around?

All in all it was a fabulous weekend. Happy Tuesday everyone.

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