Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Camping: Sanibel Island

Last weekend, we went camping.

It was fun but too cold for us still! The first night we froze but we learned that for the 2nd night, we just needed to sleep in every piece of clothing we had. It worked.

I think cooking is my favorite part of camping ;)

I'm pretty sure they are all laughing at me here...

My sister brought me this milk glass vase and a butter dish I had been looking for - she found them thrifting of course.

At the Periwinkle Campground, you don't just camp - you can also visit with these guys.

We saw a few of these jelly fish up by the lighthouse. Good thing it was way to cold to be in the water.

Husband caught a Sheepshead fish - which we cooked up that night.

Oh - AND the island just happened to have their annual shell show! Any shell you can think of - they had it.

(Made from shells, of course)
Overall it was a fun weekend. However, we all decided our next camping trip would have to be in a couple of months.


  1. I ejoyed looking at your pictures. Even though I've lived at Sanibel for almost 4 years, I haven't gone to the Shell Fair, so it was fun seeing what kind of things were there. You have some beautiful shell items yourself and I will be back to see more. :) It's warming up a little now. It was 51 last night and has been warming up 4 to 5 degrees each night. It actually reached 70 yesterday and they are saying 75 today. You may want to come back before the noseeums go crazy again. :) http://sanibeltoots.blogspot.com

  2. Love your post!Never exactly been to the Shell Fair either.But we have gotten mixed up in the traffic.

  3. Wow, you're really bundled up there. But it does look like so much fun!! And you got to sea she shell show too!