Friday, March 12, 2010


Since Husband has an important job, we decided this week that he needs an important phone.

So last night he went out and got one. And he surprised me with one too!

Well, it turns out that I am pretty important also. And you can tell this because of my important phone and important coffee cup next to it.

These two items shout, "I am very busy. Please make it quick." Don't they?

I know we are really behind the times since these are the first phones we have gotten that really do more than just make a call...but we were always hesitant. I suppose we will see in time what becomes of us and our relationships with the people we love. Will this new technology help or hinder?

For starters, last night husband and I barely talked to each other while we played with our new toys. However, I WAS able to text with two of my sisters at the same time while watching The Real Housewives....which was so fun!

I guess we will see what happens...


  1. I am laughing at your comment that you and your hubby barely talked while playing with your new phone. My friend and her hubby sit in the same room and sometimes chat via facebook.. :) and I admit I watch the real housewives too.. :)

  2. lol i know - it's very strange how quickly you get hooked on these things.