Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Weekend Finale

Our family spent Easter in Orlando this year. My niece and nephew are down from North Carolina for their spring break so they got to visit Disney on Monday!

Here is our Orlando Easter in review:

First stop - Johnson's Farmers Market. We had to stop for some fresh produce and flowers on our way to visit Grandma Baker.

I love these onions. Onions are one item that I always pick up every time I shop for groceries.

I guess you can't tell here but these sweet potatoes are GIANT.

When we got to Orlando, the kids went swimming and then we baked some bunny rabbit cupcakes. (I think they could pass for cats too)

Tiny and I love to bake together :)

Then we dyed eggs for the Easter bunny to hide. Brittany was really great at this. A real pro.

On Easter Sunday, we looked for eggs and took some pictures in our pretty outfits.

Later the kids had a blast with some more swimming.

Mom and Tiny :)

Cute kids huh?

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  1. so cute! love the easter dye pic. brought back memories of the mess I used to make!