Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mini Vacation

Well hello there blog world. It has been a while but I am now back to it after a few fun filled days with my sister and her boyfriend.
While they were here we went to the beach and the pool, had lots of good food and even did a little thrifting while the boys fished.

We had lots to celebrate. Husband started his new job on Monday, Brittany is graduating from college this week and Sunday was our favorite couple's 1 year Anniversary!!
They went to Las Vegas to celebrate and had a great time. They even came home with a bit of cash. So - congratulations to Albert and Carolyn for still being married!

Here are some photos of our week:
We learned how to make fresh, delicious mojitos and used our pitcher and glasses from thrifting!

We grilled by the water.

And ate some of the best burgers we have ever made.

Brittany and Travis also celebrated their 6th year of dating!
Aren't they cute?

The boys relaxed on the swing together - but not too close together.

We saw gorgeous sunsets.

We went to lunch with husband on his first day of work and then visited the pier in St. Pete. This is pretty much across the street from husband's new office. (A very interesting pier with a restaurant and an aquarium inside)

We saw lots of these guys.

This guy was coming in for a landing. I am so thankful this picture came out!

We relaxed a bit and checked out the water.

We saw dolphins in our backyard - can you see him?
We are so blessed to be able to see these guys quite often.

We really enjoyed our time with Brittany and Travis, as we always do. And we will see them again this weekend for Brittany's big Graduation Celebration!


  1. awesome photos! i think it is spelled mojitos~can you share your recipe?~yum, yum, yum!

  2. Ha ha you are right, thank you! And I knew when I was typing it that it didn't look right...that's what happens when you rush! I will post the recipe for you right now :)

  3. Really awesome photos wife.