Monday, May 17, 2010

Fishing Weekend

What a great weekend, I hope it was the same for you all.

We had our good friend George come up for the weekend and he brought is super nice flats boat for us to play on. I think we spent more time on the water this weekend than we did on land - which is just the way I like it.

Unfortunately, we didn't have much luck with the fishes. Of course it had nothing to do with our skills. The fish just didn't want to be where we were!
Even if the fish were stubborn, it was nice just to be out on the water with good friends.

We spent Saturday around Fort De Soto and the boys did catch a couple trout before I got there.
(Maybe I was bad luck? Nah...can't be)

Sunday we fished the mangroves behind our apartment.

We saw lots of rays.

And we fished that bridge back there on the left. We saw a huge black drum or red drum, I can't remember. But he didn't want to get caught either.

We thought for sure we would catch something back here but we just saw lots of rays and mullet.

Captain Matt Pruiett.

Captain Husband Elmore.
Captain George Fee.

We saw lots of dolphins.

George got sunburned on his feet.
I don't think this picture really shows how badly sunburned his feet are. They were painful just to look at.

And we had dinner by another beautiful sunset.


  1. what a perfect weekend, except for your poor friend's feet! I can't even imagine seeing dolphins so close, other than snorkeling. keep these kind of post coming, I love seeing your coast.

  2. that's one perfect weekend!!

  3. awesome! looks like a fun weekend!! have you checked out my friend's blog? she is also a florida girl:

    Again, thanks for the mojito recipe~delish!

  4. It was a great weekend of course except for George's feet ;)

    You are very welcome for the mojito recipe Cathy - glad you liked it! Oh and I love beachhouse etc!!