Friday, May 14, 2010

Thrift Store Finds

So, I have a new job as you all know and get this: my new boss loves shells. She also loves thrifting and garage saling! Well, she found this seashell book(I think at a garage sale) and gave it to me. Isn't that nice? I never had one before now...Thanks Kelly!

Now I will know the types of shells I am using for my crafts.

And I happened to find this at a thrift store the other day for $3! Husband just loves all this shell stuff everywhere ;)

Happy Friday everyone - Have a great weekend!!


  1. what a great find! I have perusing some shell books on amazon. enjoy the FL sunshine this weekend!

  2. Very cool!
    Thanks so much for your kind and supportive comment. Have a wonderful wknd. xo