Monday, July 19, 2010

Kayaking Caladesi

Saturday we went back to beautiful Caladesi Island.
We didn't arrive until about noon but it was low tide and gorgeous. I would be there every day if I could, but I feel incredibly blessed just to live so close to paradise.
There are so many beautiful places in Florida; I can't wait to explore more of them.

This is what it looked like when we kayaked across the channel. The tide was so low, I had Husband drop me off right in the middle of it so I could explore for a while.

These guys were hanging out on the other side of the island.

I found some amazing shells here - which I will show you all as soon as I get them clean of course ;)

Sunday evening Husband and I decided to ride our bikes to a secret spot for a picnic. This is what it looked like when we departed.

And then it looked a bit better so we thought we could relax a bit.

We found a great spot to watch sunsets and we were really enjoying ourselves for about 5 whole minutes before the rain came. But I have to admit, it was actually kinda fun getting caught in the rain. I guess that's what happens to folks who are as stubborn as we are :)

Have a great Monday everyone.

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  1. You are right- "So many beautiful places to visit in Florida". I'll have to get up your way for shark's teeth soon. Just visited your etsy shop- that aqua limpet frame. Great job!