Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Baby's Ear

My mom found a special shell in Sanibel - A Baby's Ear. It is a beautiful shell - quite delicate and unique.

I put it on a silver chain. It reminds me of the necklace in The Little Mermaid that Ariel's voice gets captured and stored in...maybe that's where my singing voice is ha ha.

I have lots to do today but I am also feeling crafty. Maybe I can work on some projects today.


  1. C~
    delightful necklace!!
    Perfectly captures memories..
    of that special time with your mom..
    Lucky you!!!
    warm sandy hugs..

  2. What a beautiful idea. I love baby ears - they are so delicate.

  3. It's so sweet, and yes, it does remind me of The Little Mermaid too :-)

  4. Thank you Loiu - I do love spending time with my mom. I can't wait until my family catches up with me and moves to my side of Florida :)

  5. Wow! They are so delicate, I'm so surprised you could make a necklace out of a baby's ear. So clever! Love all of your pictures

  6. Thanks everyone :) And Pam - I got lucky with this one because there was already a small hole in the top. But I will have to be very careful with this one because you are right - they are very delicate!