Monday, November 15, 2010

Food. Family. Fairs.

It's Monday. Just in case you didn't know ;) I hope everyone had a great weekend. I did. My little sister and her boyfriend were up for a visit. We did lots of thrifting and eating.

Here is some stuff I've been up to.
Remember I had a bunch of leftover fresh pumpkin? Well husband and I made pumpkin fritters which were delicious with powdered sugar.

and with pumpkin waffles. I have to be gaining weight.

Yesterday we went on a picnic in the park at the University of Tampa. We had beautiful weather and great food. Brittany made us some delicious Cuban sandwiches which we enjoyed by the water.

Our view of downtown Tampa from across the Hillsborough river.

Cuban sandwiches - sooooooo good.


It looks so busy but it's actually quite peaceful on a Sunday afternoon.

So the other thing we did this weekend was...a craft fair! My boss Kelly and I heard that a church around the corner from us was hosting a craft fair. So we jumped on it. Neither of us had ever done one before but we are both obsessed with we got all of our goodies together and set up our table.

Unfortunately, this church did not advertise and we had no shoppers :( So we sold nothing. But it was fun I have to say. I really enjoyed drinking coffee and chatting with Kelly and her friends Karen and Linda. Next time we will invest more time in our event choosing ;)

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