Saturday, November 6, 2010

More North Carolina

This should do it for our North Carolina trip.
We are so thankful to have this great cabin in the mountains to go to. It is absolutely beautiful and it allows us to spend time with our neice and nephew who live up that way. I can't wait to go back.

Here husband is playing some checkers on a chess board with Parker.

Tiny and I went on a hike down our mountain and she enjoyed picking up all of the prettiest rocks for her Aunt Cheryl to carry back up ;)

We did lots of baking while we were there. Lillian is always up to help bake.

Aunt B and Tiny hang out by one of the many fires we had.

Mom and Husband on the porch.

B and Nicole lookin pretty by the fire.

The leaves up there were looking gorgeous.

We saw some pretty pumpkins.

We hiked up the back of our mountain.

Teresa found some giant leaves :)

We did lots of hikes. This one was a 3 mile hike on the Caldwell Fork Trail.

Then we did another - Brittany, Husband and I on Sterling Mountain. It was about 5 miles and uphill the whole way. At the end you reach a fire tower which you can climb for a magnificent view.

Right before we started we came across this guy...

Then we saw a whole group of Elk cross the road in front of us. Very cool. Also they make a sound like a dinosaur...very neat.

Husband and I at the beginning of the hike.

Husband and Brittany.

A log.

Brittany on the way back. This hike was strenuous. It even said so in our book.

Here is the Fire Tower at the end. Brittany and Husband were brave enough to climb it and get these great pictures. Me...I made it to the 2nd story and had to go back down. Pretty good for someone who has a hard time even driving over tall bridges.

The view from the top.

That's all for North Carolina. What a beautiful place though. It's like another world up there.

We are having some great weather in Tampa this weekend. I think I will go enjoy it. Happy weekend everyone.

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  1. what a wonderful fall weekend! these pics are great. I hung around town and tried to not do too much this weekend. thanks for sharing NC with us. hope your week ahead is great.