Monday, December 6, 2010

Annual St. Augustine Weekend

Hello everyone. I hope your weekend was grand. Ours was!

Every year we head over to St. Augustine for the Christmas parade and other festivities. We get to see my Grandma Kroncke and lots of other family members from my Dad's side. We had beautiful weather this weekend. Perfect for a parade and some shopping.

Here are Parker and Lillian watching the parade. They were really into it - so cute!

This person is not related to us but her dog is cute ;)

Tiny (Lillian) took some pictures with my camera. She is quite the photographer. She took this one of Grandma.

Parker did some rolling down the hills near the Fort.

Tiny watched.

Momma lookin pretty.

I love this with the sailboats in the background.

Lots of British were there.

And Indians.

Grandma and Dad always treat us to lunch. Here are Husband and Teresa enjoying themselves.

Brittany and Tiny are so pretty.

Husband and I had a good time too.

Tiny took this picture of Mom and Dad.
She did good!

Tiny took this one as well.

The trees in the square are beautifully lit at night. Unfortunately, I am not a great night time photographer yet...but here is one with Brittany and Teresa looking fabulous.

Husband spent a lot of the day this way but I don't think he minded.

It was a great weekend and now it is freezing in Tampa. I love it. Now time for housework - happy Monday ya'll!

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