Monday, April 4, 2011

Fort DeSoto Camping

Hello friends and family. We haven't been to blog world in a few days but we are back now with some photos from Fort DeSoto.

Husband and I spent the weekend with my sister and her boyfriend at the Fort DeSoto campground. We explored the beaches and the mangroves. We encountered quite a bit of wildlife. I am waiting on my sister to send me her pictures (my camera died halfway through, even though I charged it!) and then I will do another post.

We started our trip Friday morning and we had beautiful weather.
That afternoon I headed to North Beach. What a gorgeous place.

The tide was heading out when I got there.

This part of the beach was my favorite. The ocean on one side and a lagoon on the other. I knew there would be shells in here! However, we all learned that we were not supposed to be in this area because it is a protected bird sanctuary. The storm they had the day before had blown over all the signs and we had no clue!

Of course the birds pick the best spot to have their babies...

But before I got kicked out I found this guy. No animal inside so he is mine!

I was just hanging out with all the birds. They didn't seem to mind me :)

LOTS more photos to come!


  1. Hi Cheryl!

    What a fun excursion! I just moved up the coast of Cali and I love it. Of course I have my beautiful mirror and lights from you to decorate my new beach cottage. hope you are wll.

  2. Did you camp on the weekend or during the week? Really enjoy Ft. Desoto!

  3. One of my favorite spots on the west coast. We used to find tiny cowrie shells in the sand. And on the ocean side, we collected tons of cockle shells. I hope you were not harmed by the storms on Thurs....They were horrendous!
    Jane (artfully graced)

  4. I found one cowrie-like shell. I gave one to Wife but not sure if she saved it. I've never seen a little guy like that in Florida but I'm not an expert like the Mrs. Cheryl, you'll have to post pictures of it with an I.D. if it's in your bag!