Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Easter Recap

It's really hard to blog when you're never home! So I have been in Orlando the past two weekends because my niece and nephew were down from North Carolina on their Easter break.

We did all the funnest things to do there. We went to Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Sea World and Islands of Adventure (Well, I didn't make it to Islands of Adventure but next time ;)

Of course I will be posting all of these photos but for now here is a little bit of our Easter.

We spent some time drawing with our egg chalk on the sidewalks.
Parker is getting so big!

Sister and brother - playing nicely together for about 5 seconds haha.

Tiny chooses her colors wisely.

They both drew some lovely turtles.

Then Tiny and I made a "carrot" cake.
I got this idea from Food Network magazine. It's actually a pound cake. It was such a great recipe because it was easy and done quickly.

Sour straws were used for the top of the carrot. Here Tiny and I are trying them out.

The finished product.

I have to say - we had quite a time find all orange jelly beans. However, I feel that if I could just plan ahead, it would not have been a problem!

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