Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sea World

First of all people, I fed DOLPHINS! I haven't been to Sea World since I was about 5.
I had no idea it was this cool.

Not only did we feed stingrays, sharks and sea lions, they let us feed dolphins too.
It was so amazing. You have to pay an extra $7 for the fish but honestly (don't tell them) I would pay even more for that experience.

They have such personalities, so cute!

Brittany and I did it together.

They came right up to us and we got to pet them under their mouth.


Of course we watched the Shamu show. Very good.

The kids were impressed.

There are many animals in the park that do not live in the water ;)


The manatees were cute too.

I loved feeding the sea lions also, they were so vocal.

Everyone else was afraid to touch the fish...but not I!!

Getting some sun.

Then it got cold.

Polar bears need their rest.

At the end of the ride Atlantis, there are some fish to look at...

In the ceiling AND the floor!

More photos to come!

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