Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sanibel Recap Part Uno

I cannot believe we are back already. Man that week really flies by.
We always hate to leave Sanibel but I am so grateful that we are able to spend time there each year.

I think this was our first day -big storm in the morning and a water spout! We all went crazy and tried to get a good picture before it disappeared. It didn't last long but long enough for us to get our butts down to the beach.

Every night we went out to check out the sandbar and the sunset.

I don't know why but I really like this picture of Husband and Tiny.

Parker still loves this $1 truck I got him. And I love it too!

Tiny looks at shells with me.

The ladies hang out in the water.

Some in their clothes, sorry mom and dad!

Me and Pipa.

I don't know what they talk about but they love having a cigar together.

The stormy skies were gorgeous.

How bout that for a fire in the sky?!

Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Does it matter what you're talking about when you're smoking a ceeeegar? BTW-Can you change my link to Thanks for the link love.

  2. Great pictures! Can't wait to go back ASAP!!!

  3. I heard about that waterspout, Cheryl! I think you got a great picture of it! I'm sorry I didnt run into you while on Sanibel- we were in your neck of the woods in Dunedin. Hope you got some good shells in Sanibel- we got some cool stuff on Honeymoon Island.
    Boys and their cigars- they just love em, don't they?