Friday, September 9, 2011


Last weekend we were in Michigan. My Father got Husband tickets to the USF vs. Notre Dame game for Christmas last year. So we flew into Michigan and the boys drove to Indiana for the game. They had a blast and the Bulls won!!

We spent the rest of the weekend at my Grandparent's 108 year old home in Howard City.

It's beautiful there. The weather was warm the first couple of days and then it dropped into the 60's before we left.

Brittany and my Mom were there for a week before I came up. They got to visit with my Cousin Dawn and my Second Cousins Josh and Benjamin. Aren't they cute, I mean handsome?

This is another Second Cousin of ours - Ali. She is adorable and hilarious!

My Grandfather likes to keep busy so Brittany and Mom painted a birdhouse with him. I think it turned out beautiful.

We have to stop at the Corner Bar in Rockford whenever we are in MI.
This is where Dad ate 12 hot dogs TWICE and has his name on the wall TWICE!
Husband had done it once and so of course he had to catch up. He sat down for his 12 and was successful. Now Husband has his name up there TWICE and I hope this will put an end to this madness!

It's so pretty up there.

We stopped at a farmer's market one day and found lots of animals there.
See the kittens up there?

We saw goats.
And Roosters with feathery feet!

And a Pig. He was very curious about us.

And happy to see us.

These cows live right around the corner from my Aunt and Uncle.

And this is my Grandparent's home.
It has quite a history. We love it.

This is just some of my Grandmother's milk glass collection.

We spend a lot of time on the big porch.

Mom and Grandpa.

Aunt Jackie and Uncle Ron - My mom's brother.

It was a great weekend, but too short. I am heading back in October to experience Halloween there. They get between 600 and 700 kids for trick or treating at their house! I can't wait.

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