Monday, September 12, 2011

Weekend Review

I thought I would show the shellers out there a cleaned up photo of the huge shell I found at Honeymoon Island. So here it is! Next to that is a conch shell I found in my grandparent's basement in Michigan. Who knows how long it had been there - it was quite dirty. I spent the weekend bleaching it out and it's looking much better.

Here are some other shells I found. I found quite a variety that day. Thanks Lee!

Yesterday, Husband and I went to Weedon Island for some Kayaking.
There were a couple of these guys hanging out. They had no fear at all.

It was a nice afternoon. We did have a scare while we were out there. We still aren't sure if it was a manatee or a large ray but we startled something BIG underneath our kayak. It caused a huge wake and soaked us both. I was afraid to put my paddle back in the water for a little while!

Husband did most of the paddling after that ;)

Have a great Monday.

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