Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Michigan Halloween

Hello there! I hope everyone's Halloween was safe and fun.
I know it has been a while - our lives have been in a bit of an upheaval but I am back now! My camera is fixed and everything else is sorting itself out just fine.

I was up in Michigan for Halloween with my mother and 2 of my sisters. We had a blast at my grandparent's big, old house. There were close to 700 trick-or-treaters who stopped by along with family and friends. It was my first Halloween up there but maybe it can become a tradition...?!

Husband and I carved our pumpkin before I left.
I think later he added creepy eyes.

My grandfather made this sign of his last name a few years back and my uncle found the perfect spot for it.

We were glad to see grandpa almost every day that week. We took him and my grandma's cousin Cleo for coffee at McDonald's.

Cleo and Mom.

We had big plans for Halloween. I made these ghost cookies and we cooked up a big pot of chili. We made ghost grilled cheese sandwiches to go along with the chili and we had carmel apples, eyeball deviled eggs and plenty of candy to go around.

Mom was the great designer of the eyeball eggs.

Our set up.
Oh yeah and apple cider punch with a floating hand. So creepy.

Brittany made a perfect corpse bride.

Uncle Ron and Aunt Jackie.
My Uncle looked so scary I can't believe anyone came up for candy!

Teresa was Thing Two, Mom found a cute 60's dress in her closet upstairs, Brittany is corpse bride of course and I dressed in my grandmas old clothes and went as a vampire from the 40's.
We scared the candy right out of kids hand's.

Have you seen a cuter Alice and Mad Hatter?

My 2nd cousin Ali was Princess Darth Vader! I love it.

Brittany and Ali.

Im not so good at the night portraits without a tripod but here are my Uncle and Brittany on the front porch after dark. We carved 2 pumpkins with the letter B for Baker for the front steps.

And later that week we had storage wars! My Uncle owns a storage unit and he said we could go through one that skipped town.

We found lots of junk and a few treasures. I think these folks were hoarders for sure.

See that guy on the tractor? He is 90 something and they took his license away. So he drives his little tractor around town lol.

We had a wonderful time in Michigan. We almost froze on Halloween but it was worth it. I hope yours was a blast too!

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