Thursday, December 15, 2011

Banana Walnut Bread. Yum.

My mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law came to visit us last weekend. They brought us bananas and lots of citrus from their trees. I have really been enjoying the grapefruit - they are perfect.

And we have been eating the bananas but yesterday I had 3 left and they were looking a little ripe for me. So I looked up a recipe and boy did I pick a good one. It is from food network and you can find it here.

First you need to toast your walnuts. Fabulous!

Mash up your bananas.

Mix your wet ingredients and slowly add your dry ones.

Fold in your walnuts. I almost added chocolate chips but I'm really glad I didn't.

Brush your loaf pan with melted butter and pour that sweet goodness in.

Bake it at 350 for 55min. I took mine out 7 minutes early because my oven is crazy and that's when it was done.

The whole house smelled amazing. The bread tasted amazing. Super moist and of course I added a little butter to my piece.

This recipe was so easy and so delicious. I was going to bring some to my family this weekend but I don't think it's gonna make it. Sorry guys! I will have to make you another ;)

Thanks for the bananas Grandmom!


  1. I LOVE banana bread! Yours looks yummy too.

  2. My Dad's recipe is almost the same but no bananas and we use buttermilk. I bet yours is good toasted with butter for a snack. Have a Blessed Christmas.