Friday, December 9, 2011

Thanksgiving in NC

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at the cabin in North Carolina this year. We spent the whole week enjoying the views, the cool weather and delicious food.

First we celebrated Husband's 30th Birthday!
His heath bar cake didn't hold up as well this year but it still tasted awesome.

Then we planned our hike.

I believe our hike was around 7 miles but I will have to clarify this with husband.
All the shelters were closed due to aggressive bear activity.
We didn't see any, thank God!

It was a pretty cold and wet day.

We couldn't see much until we got to the very top.

And then the views were spectacular.

This is the view from our cabin. No leaves on trees any more but no snow yet either.

The next day we did some clay shooting.

I was awesome.

Brittany was super worried. It was her first time.

Teresa had a great time!

Then we prepared Thanksgiving Dinner.

Tiny was a BIG helper!

And the boys relaxed.

The day before, Brittany and Husband spent hours cracking these pecans from Grandmom's tree in Florida.

When we had enough, Tiny and Mom went to work on the pecan pie.

It was the best pecan pie I've ever had. Seriously. It was from the Food Network magazine. But I think the fresh pecans are really what made it just right.

And then Husband thought it was his job to finish it.

We had lots of campfires.
These are the types of photos you get with an 8 year old boy.

Parker is getting very good with the BB gun.

Now on to Christmas!


  1. That picture of Parks with the combo is hilarious. There are some really great shots on here Wife.

    I think the total round trip on the hike was actually closer to 10 miles with the Jump Off added in. We gained a little over 1000 feet in elevation. The temperature changed throughout the hike from low 50's to low 40's. Wind on the leeward side was 5 knots and on the windward side roughly 18 knots (and much colder). I wore Hedgehog XCR BOA's with tactical/hiking pants and carried a MULE camelbak which holds 3 Liters of water and is capable of a complete 3 axis adjustment. Navigation was provided by a Casio Pathfinder with barometric readings and elevation taken throughout. Our highest point was roughly 6,149 feet above sea level, as calibrated for atmospheric conditions, (obviously). I prefer thick wools socks. The cheaper NPS maps proved to be sufficient for the hike but after extreme dampness and refolding, one should not rely on such a map as it began to deteriorate after only 6 hours. I would recommend finding a quality laminate map or one specifically designed for your location to avoid refolding concerns. Nutrition came in the form of beef jerky and some awful trail mix that my wife suggested I purchas. When heading on the northwest portion of the spur, one gets the feeling...

    Oh you probably don't care about that.

  2. Such technical stuff - kinda takes the fun out of a hike - such beautiful scenery.