Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wednesday Equals Beach Day!

I am so grateful to live in Florida. Even in November we can spend time at the beach in our bathing suits.
Husband starts a new job after Thanksgiving so we are enjoying the time we have off together.

Yesterday I said, Husband - take me to Caladesi!
And he said, OK.
And we loaded the kayak. And we put on our sunscreen. And we went to Caladesi and it was good.

We always see something interesting on our trips out there. This time we saw this Cormorant trying to take down what we are guessing is an eel?

It was a gorgeous day.
The water was a bit chilly but not too bad and the weather was beautiful.

This is my treasure I found. I also found a little tiny worm shell, a few limpets and a sand dollar among many other shells.

I thought this seaweed was interesting. It was thicker than I usually see lol.

Lots of birds yesterday.

Til next time Caladesi!

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  1. I have got to get to caledesi! I loved honeymoon island so I know it would be a great adventure. Nice pear whelk!