Friday, March 16, 2012

Sanibel in March

Last weekend we had yet another camping adventure - this time on Sanibel Island.
We are really loving our camping trips. They are a lot of work but so much fun too!
Here is half of our campsite...

Mom was in charge of coffee every morning because she is up before anyone else!

Brittany made a fabulous french toast breakfast the first morning.

Husband ate eggs out of a bag. He is hard core.

Look what I got for my birthday! It's a paddle board that I love to death!
Husband and my family got this for me early (my birthday is tomorrow) but they new I would need it in Sanibel and they were so right. Thanks guys!! I can't tell you how much I love this gift and you all :)

This is Brittany's new camp kitchen. It's pretty sweet.

For dinner the first night we had shrimp and chorizo quesadillas. They were so good but we didn't take pictures :( Actually I forgot a memory card for my camera so we had to use mom's not-so-good camera for the weekend.
We did what we could.

The next night we had some cheese & crackers and fruit. For dinner we had hobo soup which was awesome. We started the soup with andouille sausage and onions and then added cans of our favorite beans and veggies.

We ate the soup out of our cans and had some french bread along with it. It was a great camping meal! Also no pictures.

We did go out at night to watch the boys fish and look for critters. There were starfish, sand dollars (Travis calls them - sea currency lol) and lots of sea urchins with shells on them.

Brittany and Husband wait in the sun the next morning for their breakfast.

Yummmm coffee and eggs. We also had pancakes and bacon. It was a pretty good day after that.

Bike riding to the beach.

It was a windy day for paddle boarding but we did what we could ;)

The kids.

Husband wants a turn.

I'm going back out. I did stand up people but I have no pictures to prove it.
We also went out by the lighthouse the day before and Brittany and Mom got on the board. They did great!

It's so peaceful out there by yourself...

I'm off to Disney to spend my Birthday and St. Patrick's Day with the one's I love.
I wish you all a super Irish St. Patrick's Day!!!


  1. That paddleboard is sweet! Happy Birthday! Where is the campground at on Sanibel? I can't picture one for the life of me.

  2. Thanks Kim! The campground is called Periwinkle Park and it is located on your left almost as soon as you turn right onto the island (before you get to Dairy Queen). There are RV's and tent campsites. There are also permanent trailers that people live in year round. You can drive in and check it out - they have birds and lemurs and big swans to look at :)

  3. Happy Birthday to You! So excited for your paddle board I know you will enjoy it. Love you and miss you so much,Kelly

  4. Thanks Kelly - Miss you too!