Friday, March 23, 2012

Strawberry Summer Cake

Strawberries are 3 for $5 at Publix right now. This is a great deal!
I bought them knowing I would have to figure something out so they didn't go bad. Luckily, I found a fabulous recipe from Smitten Kitchen. Her site makes it so easy. She has every recipe organized in such a way that I was able to look at a list of everything she has made with just strawberries to pick what I wanted.
And what I wanted was this Strawberry Summer Cake.

First clean up your berries.

Mix your dry ingredients into your wet ingredients and pour them into a buttered 10 inch pan - 9 inch pie pans will NOT work here!

Place your berries on top and sprinkle with sugar.



Soooooo good! I had some for breakfast, I'm not gonna lie. And I feel good about it.
Get better photos and the entire recipe here. Thanks again for another delicious recipe Smitten Kitchen!

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